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Undress App lets you change clothes of any person in a photo using AI.

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Change your clothes with AI in 2 clicks

Here is a 3-step instruction that teach you how to change clothes with AI

Figure 1
1. Upload a photo of a person

To get good results the photo should be of good quality. Try to have only 1 person in the image and in the center of the frame. Try to choose clothes that do not hide shape of a person body.

2. Optionally edit the mask

The app automatically detects a mask to remove clothes. If you see it is detected incorrectly, edit it with the brush to paint all the clothes you want to remove.

3. Click Undress and wait for the results

Generation time is about ~2-3 minutes on the Free plan, and there's a queue. If you don't want to wait, you can subscribe to our Pro plan and undress people in seconds.

Is this app really can undress any photo?

It is true that not many people are aware that AI can undress a person in practically any image. There are over 20 programs already doing this online, both paid and free. Two of the most notable technologies in this regard are deepfake and deepnude.

With the help of these technologies, websites or applications known as "Undress AI Apps" are created, enabling the online undressing of women.

Is this ethical to undress someone?

AI techniques for undressing open incredible possibilities for creative self-expression and entertainment, but can certainly be misused. These tools can be used to create explicit images or deep fakes without consent, which can have serious consequences for the individuals depicted in the images.

For example, imagine being able to undress a Leonardo da Vinci painting, an ancient Greek sculpture, or a celebrity like an actress or supermodel, or even your dorm neighbor.

Undressing AI applications can be used for both positive and negative purposes. It's akin to a knife, which can be used to slice bread and peel potatoes, but can also be misused for malicious intent. Ultimately, it depends not on the tool itself but on the person using it. Some will use it for good and curiosity, while others may have malicious intentions.

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